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Artist & Developer specializing in Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Astrophotography, Costume Design & Web Design

Freelance Artist & Developer
Gainesville, FL

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Jay Rosen aka Mirror Vision explores the possibilities of perception and visual phenomena, by harnessing the immaterial, transient nature of light. Mirror Vision’s mission is to heighten our awareness to the natural world by causing us to experientially stare directly into the invisible operations of optics at work. Jay’s artistic medium has gradually evolved from traditional painting and collage to light installation art and wearable glass fashion sculptures. Jay is now focused on bridging the gap between his optical phenomenal sensory experiments with the digital metaverse – exploring use of holograms, machine learning and Augmented/Virtual Reality technologies to bring impossible designs to life.

In 2010, The City of Ocala commissioned Jay to design and paint an equestrian public statue as part of “Horse Fever” art program. “Iris” is a life-size fiberglass horse, painted with acrylic in Jay’s post-impressionistic style with bright colorful brushstrokes to depict the fiery rhythm inspired by the charged potential energy surging throughout the racehorse. After independently studying abroad in Europe during Summer 2012, Jay was inspired by European artists’ use of mirrors and reflective objects to create infinity and surreal experiences in Light Art Installations

Since 2012, Jay has been working on the experimental art project “Mirror Visionwear”. These are glass fashion, ocular apparatus that give the wearer a kaleidoscopic perspective, playing with infinity, opacity, and light. They were originally created as satire to the AR/VR movement of 2012, being the low-tech, sharp, bulky, cutting-edge prototype. In 2013, Jay graduated with a BFA for Drawing and continued his education at Santa Fe College for an AS degree in Computer Science.

In 2014, Jay Rosen was short-listed as a finalist in designing an outdoor sculpture for University of Florida. The proposed design of a 16 x 16 x 16 ft array of suspended mirrored stainless-steel diamonds was rejected due to suspicious concerns of being too reflective and causing a fire during heat waves. Since then, Jay has explored alternative ways of creating these floating mirrored diamond structures as interior installation art, augmented reality experiences, as well as NFT format in the metaverse – which was recently displayed at the convention center during 2021 Art Basel Miami week.

The Mirror Visionwear glass sculptures have toured across America and Canada appearing in about 150 shows in collaboration with the synth-pop band TIME in 4 tours from 2017-2018. Additionally, Jay built a collapsible 12 ft mirrored geodesic dome for the band perform under, being a marvelous sight when combined with club lighting and lasers. Mirror Visionwear appeared in short films “SightSeers” (2016) by Noah Avidan, and “Loading Circle” (2018) by Molly O’Brien. In 2020, the R&B musician Lovari briefly featured a Mirror Visionwear in his music video “Automatic”, which would go on to be broadcasted on MTV and win Best Music Video category at Catskill Film Festival 2020.

Mirror Vision NFT Gallery is a 5-story glass building in the metaverse established in October 2021 in Decentraland (70, 29) near the center of Crypto Silicone Valley. In November 2021, Jay was commissioned to design 2 NFT galleries for DCentral Miami NFT Conference, which would end up becoming the blueprint floorplans for the largest NFT gallery of the year during 2021 Art Basel Miami Week. At this event, Mirror Vision was interviewed by Bloomberg, Vice, and various other news outlets – sharing his thoughts about NFTs being great powerful tool for individual artists to own and monetize their digital creations in this new Web 3.0 economy.

As of January 2022, Jay Rosen is a Metaverse Architect at Mirror Vision Labs, working in partnership with Hollywood-based videogame company Interplay and HBO Director K-Michel Parandi, envisioning a brand-new interactive experience for Ethereum network.

Over 10 years of experience

Professional Experience

December 2022 - Present

University of Florida

Web Developer

  •  Manage portfolio of 150+ WordPress & TerminalFour websites for University as webmaster.
  • Collaborate with Web Services team to design and develop new websites and applications.
  • Research and develop technologies that utilize AI and XR to innovate higher education.
November 2020 - Present

Mirror Vision Labs

CEO & Data Center Operator

  • Built Super Computer: 36 GPUs (200 TFLOPS), 100-core CPUs, 300 GB RAM, 500 TB disk.
  • Provide computational resources for video rendering, AI/ML, and decentralized networks: Ethereum, Flux, Chia, Golem, Raptoreum, Filecoin, iExec, Helium and The Graph Network.
  • Consulting for businesses regarding Blockchain, NFT, DeFi, GameFi, & Metaverse strategy. • Develop smart contracts in Solidity and build dApps using Nodejs, React, Moralis, IPFS.
December 2022 - Present


Metaverse Developer

  • Design and develop Web3 applications with Solidity, React, Next JS, TypeScript, Go, and Third Web SDK.
  • Metaverse Architect of DenSocial Lounge in Decentraland (37, -29)
  • Guest speaker on Dragonchain's World Blockchain Roundtable podcast.
October 2022 - Present

Vivid Sky Productions

Marketing Director

  • Manage digital assets & communications for Vivid Sky Productions, Vivid Music Hall, and Vivid Sky Vertical.
  • Photograph and film live events for talents such as Shaq, Sean Kingston, Jeff Goldblum, Mavis Staples, Flosstradamaus...
  • Create and manage advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Local News agencies.
  • Build web solutions to increase sales and grow audience reach throughout Florida region.
October 2012 - Present

Jay Rosen Design LLC

Freelance Artist & Developer

  • Experienced and versatile artist specializing in: Concept Art, Illustration, Costume & Stage Design, Web Development, Project Management, Photography, 3D Modeling & Fabrication.
  • Designed Miami Convention Center’s NFT Gallery in 2021 & 2022 for Art Basel week.
  • Prioritized human safety by manufacturing 1000+ N95 masks and face shields for hospitals during Pandemic with 3D Printing and mold-making techniques.
  • Pioneered Mirror Visionwear, a luxury glass fashion brand for Virtual Reality since 2012.
May 2020 - Present


Web Developer

  • Refactored opedge.com to ASP.NET and WordPress for the healthcare & tech publication.
  • Developed magazine subscription software, self-placed classifieds/job board, advertising system, facility search engine, CMS tools for articles, and integrated HubSpot CRM.
January 2022 — August 2022

Interplay Entertainment

Metaverse Architect, Game Designer

  • Co-creator of ED3N, a game where players create life and terraform exo-planets with alien vegetation. ED3N creatures grow and crossbreed as dynamic NFTs on Ethereum.
  • Created Game Design Document, White Paper, Roadmap, and ED3N.WORLD website.
  • Managed project budget, timeline, and lead team to create game concept art and trailer.
  • Developed art generator, smart contracts, and rendered 10,000+ 3D videogame assets.
  • Represented ED3N at conventions: SXSW, NFT LA, DCentral Austin, Consensus 2022.
January 2020 — August 2022

Amplitude Media Group

Web Developer

  • Created LivingWithAmplitude.com WordPress website for amputee lifestyle magazine.
  • Built database and web application to track amputee athletes competing in 2020 Tokyo Paralympics & 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics events.
June 2016 — January 2022

OPIE Software

Marketing Specialist, Web Developer

  • Created OPIEFaceFilter.com, collection of 3D Augmented Reality effects for Instagram & Snapchat reaching over 1million users. Nominated best AR filter in holiday category 2020.
  • Designed and developed OPIEMerch.com, a print-on-demand online business connecting Printful with WooCommerce along with a Facebook and Instagram integrated storefronts.
  • Synergized and collaborated across departments in UI/UX, R&D, QA, and Tech Support to design new web applications and marketing materials that aligned with company’s vision.
  • Designed and developed OPIE Choice App for iOS & Android. This subscription-based app was used for in-person events, messaging, LMS, and access to business intelligence tools.
  • Maintained websites and fixed bugs for over 50 clients in the medical industry.
  • Managed JIRA project backlog and Agile sprint planning for Web Development team.
January 2017 — January 2019


Visual Designer

  • Managed 4 National Tours with synth-pop band TIME (150 shows in USA & Canada).
  • Collaborated with band to design visual identity with colorful costume and polygon masks.
  • Designed and fabricated portable mirrored geodesic dome stage for band to perform in.
  • Created and updated tour website, managed social media, designed concert flyers.
June 2013 - September 2016

The Home Depot

Millwork Specalist

  • Design doors and windows with CAD software for clients.
  • Provide knowledge and resources for home improvement projects
January - April 2014

University of Florida


  • Conceptually designed an outdoor mirrored steel sculpture with Maya and Photoshop.
  • Collaborated with engineers, welders, masons, and vendors for prototyping and budget.
May - September 2011

Marion Cultural Alliance


  • Painted an original design on an equestrian public statue for City of Ocala.
  • Original artwork sold at auction for $10,000 toward charity.


2015 — 2017

Santa Fe College

Associate Degree - Computer Science

Gainesville, FL

GPA 3.97

2011 - 2013

University of Florida

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Drawing

Gainesville, FL

GPA 3.86

2009 - 2011

College of Central Florida

Bachelor degree in Business management

Ocala, FL

GPA 3.84

Jay Rosen Design