Cosmic cube

Night Prompt: Create a captivating series of 20 images/ scenes featuring a glass cube that transforms its inner content while the sky background changes time of day and location. The glass cube should display a diverse range of galaxies and space simulations, each with unique outcomes and characteristics. With every new scene, the glass cube should reimagine its contents, showcasing the vastness and wonder of the universe. The sky backgrounds should transition seamlessly from day to night, sunrise to sunset, and from Earth – based locations to the far reaches of space. This visual journey through time and space should captivate viewers, highlighting the endless possibilities of the cosmos and the ever – changing nature of reality.   View on Midjourney: https://www.midjourney.com/app/users/dadd9dd2-f933-480a-a575-06931ad6827e/archive/?jobId=ea76e6d7-641f-4865-9ce0-cb1d758096fb
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