2014 16′ x 12′ x 12′ 3D model of mirrored stainless steel sculpture I originally intended to erect a freestanding mirrored stainless steel sculpture on top of a concrete island in a reservoir pond by the outdoor entrance the Clinical Translational Research Building at University of Florida. The form is an 8-sided octahedron, which would reflect all 8 of the cardinal directions in an ever-changing environment. The Octahedron (Diamond) is a living fractal, broken into 19 smaller identical mirrored diamonds (2.16’ x 1.5’ x 1.5’) to form the larger (15’ x 11.5’ x 11.5’) crystalline structure. The 19 diamonds would have been 1/8” thick, polished to a true mirror finish, supported by 13 stainless steel square columns (1/4” thick walls) of varying heights (12.7’, 15.8’, 18’) rooted 2’ – 3’ deep in the concrete base. The assorted rows of mirrored diamonds will be of differing angles, conjuring fluctuating kaleidoscopic reflections, that will visually change day-by-day to the amount of light and as the viewers move about it. The sculpture will be visible from multiple vantage points within and around the CTRB including the intersecting streets. Since it will reside on its own island within the reservoir pond, the will water will act as a natural barrier to pedestrians keeping it safe and secure at a distance. The water will further case glimmering, distorted reflections onto the mirror and vice versa – beautifying the the natural phenomena of light – a spectacle that can be universally appreciated by all, anytime of day. The statue will be an object to ponder and reflect upon; a viewing glass to experimentally visit time and again to see the world anew.
Jay Rosen Design