Miami DCentralCon NFT Gallery

DCentral NFT Gallery featured in VICE episode 1 of Cryptoland.

Jay Rosen worked as 3D artist in collaboration with DCentralCon, Flooded Productions, and Vivid Sky Productions to create the largest NFT gallery of the year at Miami Airport Convention Center during Miami Art Basel Week 2021. The gallery showcased a variety of 3D artworks that were minted as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This was a groundbreaking event that demonstrated the potential of NFTs in the art world. The floorplans were rendered in Maya and build on-site for the 3 day event.

The gallery received rave reviews from attendees and was covered by major media outlets such as CNN, Forbes, and Huffington Post. Jay was featured in Vice News, interviewed by Bloomberg, and made an appearance on live episode of BitBoy Crypto and Altcoin Daily. This event proved that NFTs are a viable option for artists to showcase their work and generate buzz around their brand.

Jay Rosen Design