UFO sighting on May 5th, 2020 ☄ (This is the PIPP processed video centering the object into cropped frames) On that morning I was up early photographing the meteor shower and Milky Way. At the end of my photo session at 6am, I noticed a bright object was moving in a twirling pattern within the same patch of space directly above 90°… It was brighter than Jupiter at dawn and visible for about 1 minute. I tried photographing it with my mirrorless camera, but it was moving too fast. I used my Samsung Note 10+ to record @ 4K 30fps. I enlarged and sharpened the video in Adobe Premiere Pro, then used PIPP to process and auto-center the target into 1,200 frames from the edited video clip. These mostly black and white frames were then color corrected in Photoshop – which is where I discovered this blue/ purple /green smoke color radiating from the object! Can anyone guess what this might be? Is it a satelite, drone, helicopter, weather balloon, space junk or…? https://www.instagram.com/p/CD6_l1LBE-y/?hl=en
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