Defacement of LIFE


Collage exhibition
and live Tarot reading
at Convergence Gallery

As the ideals of American culture are shaped and manipulated by the mass media, I take it upon myself to reverse the degeneracy, and expose the false images found in magazine advertising. From current periodicals, to vintage issues of LIFE magazine, I cut and reassemble the imagery as an iconoclast, to form new messages and meanings.

For the Convergence gallery, I present two different stories of defacement:

(1) On the brick wall will be 22 collaged Tarot cards (each 8 X 15”) created from LIFE magazines from the 1960s. The images individually mark a specific card in the fortune telling card game – the emperor, the lovers, justice, death, etc, representing a generic 1960s stereotypical personality (example: the emperor card is the Marlboro man with a pants-less business man on his shoulder, and the lovers are a bunch of cigarette smokers fashionably smoking in a garden). Bellow each image will be a description of what the card means according to Tarot.

(2) On the other wall will be several different eras of magazine defacement, with the common characteristic being the actual defacement of the figures’ faces and body parts, revealing new imagery in place (example: a waterfall replacing the heads of lovers embracing, or hamburger meat where a fashion model’s skin should be).

There will also be a live tarot card reading on the night of the show’s opening!

Jay Rosen Design