Game Development

ED3N is being developed as a game where players can create life and trade genotypes. Our planned evolution mechanics are being designed around state-of-the-art science, using real-life DNA catalogs. ED3N Creatures are intended to flourish into never-before-imagined life forms influenced by user input. The Play-to-Earn gameplay involves terraforming bare exo-planets with alien vegetation and colorful bugs to earn crypto rewards. In-game functions will read and write to the blockchain, utilizing the secure decentralization of Ethereum and the speed of Polygon networks. This project is being developed by Interplay Entertainment Corp. using the creative team behind the recently announced Earthworm Jim animated series.

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The Mirror Vision NFT Gallery is located at 70, 29 Decentraland. The Gallery neighbors the iconic Tokens.com Tower (estate acquired for $2 Million) and is steps away from Binance.US, MakerDao, Rarible, Polygon, and even the Decentraland HQ in the heart of Crypto Valley.  Game assets were created in Blender.

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Since its launch in 2016, Jay Rosen’s Iris equestrian public artwork has been memorialized as a a Pokestop in Niantic’s Pokemon Go Augmented Reality videogame. 

Video walkthrough of ASP.NET C# project of SNES gamified Hotel Booking app.

Javascript Tarot fortune reading game.

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