Inside the Outside

Inside the Outside

2012 16″ x 21″ Photography of mirrors outdoors For this series of photographs, I staged mirrors outdoors to expand my vision of the world around me. The images captured within the mirrors reflect scenes outside of the camera’s field of vision. When looking in one direction, the opposite direction becomes reflected, causing something unseen to now becomes visible, opening up narrative within the space. This method displaces yet reveals how aspects of man made structures co-exist with and within nature. Either having a white frame or edgeless boarder, the mirror acts as a portal to another place within the environment, disrupting the space with another perspective of the situation itself. A mirror within a mirror becomes a world within a world. By intersecting the visual plane with another visual plane, the subject matter can be read as such: manmade structures within manmade structures; manmade structures within nature; nature within manmade structures; nature within nature. By probing deeper and deeper into the multiple mirror compositions, it becomes increasingly more difficult to determine what is actually inside of what – what is truly interior, and what is truly exterior?
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