Two Open Doors

Two Open Doors

2012 Interactive public artwork in two restrooms and hallway with 7 mirrors This site-specific installation includes 7 mirrors – 2 mirrors are preexisting affixed to a men’s and women’s restroom walls, while 5 are temporarily staged throughout the U-shaped hallway between the two restrooms. The mirrors in the hallways are lined up and positioned to reflect one another, channeling a reflection for a viewer to essentially “see through” the wall dividing the two restrooms, breaking social and architectural boundaries via light. The installation does not infringe on anyone’s personal privacy or rights to use the restroom – the mirrors only reflect into the other room when both of the two rooms are “unoccupied” and both doors are open – a mutual unlocking of doors to allow the opposite gender to peek through the other side. Sadly, only two photographs of this installation exist due to a hard-drive failure ;-(
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