Altered Projector

Altered Projector

2013 1.5′ x 4′ x 1.5′ Slide projector broken mirrors, duct tape, prisms One of my early infinity mirror cubes fell off of my desk and broke. This was before I made it a habit of covering the entirety of the back of the mirror cubes with duct tape for safety reasons, but I still saw potential to make a new artwork from the broken glass sculpture. I added crystal gems and even suspended some mirror shards with strings into the broken box. The slide projector was sitting in the studio collecting dust, but I saw it as a neat projection device to illuminate the box using a small network of mirrors. The end result were images being broken by the mirrors and scattered across the walls in most interesting of patterns. At Phenomena the Altered Projector was incorporated into another installation piece, the Lumina-Kaleidoscope to further augment the projected image into a giant kinetic chamber of mirrors.
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