Creativity in the Arts & Sciences

Creativity in the Arts & Sciences

2013 Art and Science Exhibition at University of Florida In late 2012, I collaborated with electrical engineering student, Travis Wise, to create new Mirror Visions with different lighting technologies, and presented our research and experiments a symposium for both Art and Science. From our research, we declared the use of simple lighting technologies with human interaction can be as interesting as complex automated ones – such as the simplicity of wearing a glass helmet, or pointing a laser into a mirror maze, or pulling a rope to activate an infinite mirror effect. “Low-tech” and “No-tech”, as opposed to “high-tech”, became the term we used to describe these devices. 2012 was a time of the emerging high-tech trends, Virtual Reality (Occulus Rift) and Augmented Reality (Google Glass). The simple machines we created are feasible alternative to creating optically immersive experiences without high-dollar equipment.
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