VR & AR Development

Geospatial Wildlife Safari

Inspired by Pokemon Go, Geospatial wildlife Safari is a location-based augmented reality (AR) game that focuses on discovering native Floridian wildlife. Players explore designated areas like parks and nature reserves to find AR animals within their natural habitats. The game aims to encourage outdoor exploration and environmental education.


GNV ART app brings public art to life with Augmented Reality (AR). Visit public art locations Gainesville, FL to experience a geospatial augmented reality encounter.

Lunaprise Moon Museum

On Feb 14, 2024, the Intuitive Machines IM-1 moon lander launched from Kennedy Space Center, carrying a payload of NFT artworks! This is an early demo of my Moon Musuem app, showcasing the NFT artworks from the Lunaprise & BitBasel collection representing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

Ex-Ray Vision

EX-Ray Vision won Best XR Award and Unity Award at Armed Forces Jam 2023, presented by VR/AR Association and Unity Technologies. This XR military simulation prototype uses electromagnetic spectrum data emitted from WiFi devices to triangulate, locate, and neutralize malicious devices hidden behind architectural boundaries. This technology is now licensed under Export-Control with UF Innovatie and UF Research Foundation. Featured in Orlando Tech News.

XR Caption

XR Caption adds subtitles to reality, to improve accessibility to information, and can be used in the classroom to enhance education. Goal to enable the disabled, to hear with our eyes using AI. Created at Shell Hacks 2023, at FIU, judged by Microsoft and Google for Mixed Reality software category.

Algorithmic Eyewear

Mirror Visionwear presents Algorithmic Eyewear, a collection of 100 AI generated glass fashion accessories. Each NFT unlocks bonus AR/VR experiences and can be worn by avatars in select metaverse games. Visit AlgorithmicEyewear.com for latest project updates.

Mirror Visionwear AR

The Mirror Visionwear AR is an open source 3D printed design showcased at Miami Art Basel, DCentral Miami, and BitBasel events from November 28 – December 4, 2022. The headset can fit a raspberry pi or smartphone device for Augmented Reality experience. At the Miami Art Week events, demos of a portable Decentraland and ED3N videogames were showcased. The goal of this device is to make Metaverse accessible and affordable to all.

Robotech Hackathon

Our AR Health project combines augmented reality with health sensors to provide users with real-time insights into their physical and mental well-being. By wearing our AR headset, users can track their heart rate, breathing, and other key health metrics, while also receiving calming messages and breathing exercises to manage stress and anxiety.

Augmented Reality Museum

Project in development to transform a real estate portfolio of Orlando vacation homes into Augmented Reality interactive experiences. Each of the 12 rooms are inspired by popular movies such as Jaws or Jurassic Park. The AirBNB vacation home is transformed into an interior amusement park.


This is a stadium size Augmented Reality alligator that fills the entire Swamp.

ED3N Holograms

For ED3N’s debut at NFT LA in the Los Angeles in Convention Center I created hologram displays of the videogame artwork. The hologram fans were encased in acrylic boxes and created a neat transparent and glowing effect.

From 2019-2021, I conceptualized and developed 11 different AR face filters for OPIE Software brand. These AR effects were created in Meta SparkAR and Snapchat Lens Studio, and published to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Zoom platforms. Each OPIE Face Filter also had its own individual landing page created to match the style of the AR effect. Notably, the holiday effects such as July 4th and Canada Day were very popular, gaining more than 1 Million views and 50K shares  in less than 24 hours.

Mirror Visionwear VR

Since 2012, I have been experimeting with designs of a transparent, low-tech VR headset. Inspired by Google Cardboard, Mirror Visionwear VR is a laser cut mirrored plexiglass device that fits a smartphone as the screen. When worn, the user’s face is illuminated with the 3D scene, and others can see the VR content through the transparent glass. With recent increased interest in the Metaverse and 3D Avatars, Mirror Visionwear VR is being developed as a digital accessory – glass fashion, luxury virtual reality.

Virtual Limin Room

In January 2018, I designed an Installation with interactive AR and VR component using a 360 camera. In the virtual scene was an array of floating mirrored diamonds, which people can see live feed projected on the wall.

The VR demo was created with A-Frame, and contains 4 rooms which can be teleported by centering the reticle on rotating portal globes. In the origin room, the posters on the wall will open a 360 VR youtube videos of previous bands that played in that space, recorded with a 360 camera.

The Virtual Limin Room was re-created in November 2021 as an animated scene in Blender to test the render farm capability of Mirror Vision Labs 36 GPUs. This animation was minted as an Ethereum NFT called Prototypes, and was presented at Miami Convention Center for Art Basel week.

Diamonds AR

In January 2018, I designed an installation with interactive AR and VR component using a 360 camera. In the virtual scene was an array of floating mirrored diamonds, which people can see live feed projected on the wall.

Tropical Vapor Beta

This tropical scene was created to promote the 1st Mirror Visionwear Platonic Solids show in July 2016. The 3D model was repurposed as the Homepage for www.jayrosen.design, using the numbered Annotations to navigate to webpages of the different Mirror Visionwear expierences.

Jay Rosen Design